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FRP Grating Platforms Ensure Workers' Safety

FRP gratings are ideal materials for operation platforms, including normal operation platforms, offshore oil platforms and tank deck platforms.

The dimensions of FRP grating panels can be found in the page of FRP gratings.

Operating platform:

Many chemical plants have a large number of operating platforms, and those which FRP gratings as surface materials are corrosion resistant, no paint, no maintenance with long service life of fifteen to twenty years. Its weight is three-quarters lighter than steel gratings, so there is no need of lifting equipment when installing. It is very easy to trepan and cut FRP gratings by arc cutting saw, and it won't lead to the change of mechanical properties or the scattering of grid, so as to meet the requirements of installation. In addition, the appropriate design making the FRP gratings have some elasticity, which can reduce the fatigue of workers who work over a long period of time. Therefore improve the work efficiency.

Grey molded FRP gratings with square holes act as the surface of a operating platform, which has yellow fences.

Using FRP gratings as the surface of platforms are corrosion resistant, and can reduce the fatigue of workers.

A corner of a FRP operating platform, using both yellow pultruded and black molded FRP gratings as the floor.

There is no need of lifting equipment when installing FRP gratings, and they are easy to cut into any sizes.

Offshore oil platform:

Traditional offshore oil platforms often use steel as surface material, but the bad weather and the sea erosion caused severe corrosion to these materials, which increase insecurity factors. Most foreign countries have successfully applied FRP gratings into this hostile environment. Due to the lightweight, the basic support components are easy to handle and the costs of platform are reduced through rational designation.

Two offshore oil platforms made of yellow FRP gratings standing on the deck.

Offshore oil platforms made of FRP gratings can against the bad weather and the erosion of sea water.

The walkway of a offshore oil platform is made of yellow FRP gratings with square holes.

FRP gratings as the material of offshore oil platforms could support a long time service in the hostile environment.

Tank top platform:

The roof walkways and tank deck platforms are always corroded seriously, and rust everywhere. Those rusty places often have accident potential, but FRP gratings could completely change this situation.

The top of a tank is surrounded by yellow FRP gratings, and there are fences and a ladder on it.

The FRP grating tank top platform can avoid rust and serious corrosion.

Yellow pultruded FRP gratings as the top platform of a tank.

Using FRP gratings as the top platforms of tanks could resist the corrosion of liquid, so as to avoid accidents.

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