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FRP Trench Covers Resist Liquid Corrosion

FRP grating trench covers have a wide range of applications, like the pot-room of chemical plant and smelting plant, chemical processing workshop of power plant, pickling workshop of electroplating factory, battery factory and machinery plant, pharmaceutical factory, printing and dyeing mill and salt mine all have a lot of trenches, and there are always corrosive liquid in the trenches. Traditional trenches use gratings welded from angle steels, flat irons and cast irons, which are not corrosion resistant, and they would be destroyed after a few years even few months. Using FRP gratings can solve the corrosion problem well, and FRP gratings are convenient for the sewage spilling into the ditches, as well as observing the inner trench at any time.

Using blue FRP gratings with square holes as trench covers.

The FRP gratings' most significant feature is corrosion resistant, so they won't be corroded by waste water.

The trenches are covered by white FRP gratings with square holes.

Using FRP gratings as the trench covers could let you observe the inner trench clearly.

Two pieces of FRP gratings cover the drainage channels of a carwash room.

The FRP gratings used in carwash rooms can help drain away the dirty water, so as to keep the room clean.

A piece of dark grey FRP grating is covering the ground around the root of a tree.

FRP gratings for covering the ground around the roots of trees can help prevent the evaporation of water.

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