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FRP Gratings for Sewage Disposal

FRP gratings for sewage disposal:
FRP gratings can be used as paving material of cooling towers' operating platforms and the maintenance aisles of waste water treatment plants.

A piece of trapezoid white FRP gratings is over the waste water and surrounded by yellow FRP fences.

Using FRP gratings for waste water treatment platform can avoid the corrosive and rust problems.

There are some pools full of waster water, and yellow FRP gratings and fences are around the pools.

FRP gratings are not afraid of the corrosion of waste water, and their high tensile strength ensures stable structures.

A waste water platform made of concrete frame and black FRP gratings, and the platform is near a lake.

Because FRP gratings are anti-rust and anti-rot, so they can be widely used in moist environments.


  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Non-conducting.
  • Strong in two directions.
  • Anti-rust & anti-rot.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Long service life.

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