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Product List of FRP Gratings

FRP gratings are environment friendly with safe and nontoxic materials, and they are corrosion resistant for applications like platforms and walkways.

High load capacity grating are specially made to carry forklift loads which are extremely heavy, and it’s also lightweight, corrosion resistant.

Using FRP gratings for operating platforms can relieve the pressures on employees' backs, feet and legs, and increase working efficiency.

FRP grating trench covers have a wide range of applications due to its corrosion resistance and slight elasticity features.

Using FRP gratings as walkways, double floors and boat decks can solve the corrosion problem well, so as to ensure the safety of employees.

FRP gratings can be used as safety fences to protect both employees and machines well, then eliminate all security risks of the workshops.

One of the most significant features of FRP gratings is corrosion resistant, especially when FRP gratings are used as shelves in battery and chemical factories.

FRP gratings have high strength and durability, when they are used as ladders and stair treads, they would offer the maximum safety and durability.

FRP gratings are corrosion resistant, and they provide longer service life than other materials, so they are the ideal choice for water treatment.